Security Screens For Sliding Patio Doors Plano TX

The average size for a sliding glass door is about 60 to 72 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height

Sliding patio doors let in light and air but can pose security risks if not properly protected. Learn techniques like installing high-quality security screens, reinforcing the door frame, using sensors and motion lights, and more to deter burglars from entering through vulnerable sliding glass doors while still enjoying their benefits.

How do you adjust patio door rollers?

An illustration of a technician adjusting the rollers on a sliding glass door

Master the art of sliding door repair with our detailed guide. Learn to inspect and adjust patio door rollers for a smoother operation. We provide easy, step-by-step instructions with preparation tips and tools recommendations. Regular maintenance tips are also included.

Why is my patio door hard to close?

Sliding Door Repair Company in Dallas, TX

Unravel common issues leading to a hard-to-close patio door, including dirty tracks, poor lubrication, or worn rollers. Learn practical DIY solutions from a sliding door expert to restore functionality!

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