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If your window or door is not performing as you wish them to – call us, and we will fix any issue you may have!

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First, we inspect the window to diagnose the problem, which could be anything from broken seals to jammed tracks. Next, we make any needed repairs, which may involve replacing cracked glass, worn-out weatherstripping, faulty latches, or other hardware. Then, we lubricate the tracks to ensure smooth operation and make adjustments so the window glides effortlessly.

Finally, we test the window’s operation and make sure no air or water can get through – that way you can enjoy a fully functional, energy efficient sliding window.

Quick installation

We’ll get your new sliding window in place with minimal disruption to your home. Our installers work neatly and efficiently to get the job done right in a single visit.

We protect your floors and furnishings while we work to keep dust and debris contained. When we’re finished, we’ll thoroughly clean up the work area so you can enjoy your new, smoothly gliding window right away.

Free measurement

Precise Measurements for Perfect Windows

We provide free window measurements for a custom fit, unlike other companies. Precisely measuring openings allows us to identify trouble spots upfront, guaranteeing a smooth install for the best fit.

Expert Sliding Door and Window Repairs

Frustrated with sticking, jerky sliders? As experts, we restore the smooth glide to your doors and windows, improving your home.



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The advantages of our window & sliding door services

We expertly install sliding doors and windows quickly and accurately thanks to free measurements, guaranteeing custom fits. Our sliding doors showcase sleek modern designs and durable craftsmanship. And all our sliding doors and windows come with warranties on labor and parts for total peace of mind. For beautiful, flawless sliding doors and windows, trust our experienced and meticulous team.

Quick Installation

New windows installed rapidly by our skilled team.

Warranty on Labor and Parts

Our work and windows are fully guaranteed

Free measurement

We provide complimentary sizing for perfect custom fits.

Modern Design

Sleek, contemporary styles to elevate your home's look.


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Don’t delay in restoring the convenient functionality of your home’s sliding doors and windows. Get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation and estimate. Our skilled professionals will carefully examine your sliding doors and windows identify any problems and suggest personalized solutions.

We’ll provide pricing without any hidden charges ensuring you can make a decision.

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One of our specialists, in sliding doors, patio doors and windows will reach out shortly to find a time that works best for you. By investing in repairs or replacements you’ll reap the benefits every time you effortlessly operate your sliding doors and windows.

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Sliding Door Service Dallas, TX

A sliding glass or sliding patio door is a wonderful way to let natural light stream into your home and access outdoor living spaces.

However, over time the doors may stop sliding properly, the screen door can tear or the seals around the edges of the door can fail. Our sliding door repair services get your patio doors functioning like new again.

From sticky doors that won’t slide smoothly to broken adjustment screws causing the doors to tilt, our technicians can diagnose the issue and complete the necessary patio door repair.

We’ll replace any torn screen doors and make sure the sliding glass doors are plumb and gliding with ease once more! Home improvement here we come!

Time for new sliding patio doors?

Our team provides quality door installation and removal services. We’ll help you choose energy efficient style options and properly remove and dispose of the old door before doing a precise measurement and installation of your stunning new sliding glass or patio doors. Rely on our expertise for smooth operation.

Don’t live with difficult to open patio doors another day.

Improve energy efficiency, security, and your home’s curb appeal with our comprehensive sliding door repair and installation services. Contact us today to schedule patio door repairs or replacement! Don’t remove the door before contacting u, we will arrive to your location, and offer a free estimation and measurement.

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