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You can rely on our technicians to professionally install your sliding doors!

We handle a variety of door types including patio doors and glass sliding doors ensuring that they are securely fitted and optimized for functionality, design, and security.

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What you need to know

Our installation Services Cover:

Patio doors installation -

Expertly installing patio doors for indoor-outdoor living access.

Screens -

Adding protective sliding screens to keep insects out while air flows.

Glass sliding doors -

Seamlessly fitting frameless glass doors for unobstructed views.

Locks -

Installing secure and functional locks to ensure sliding door safety.

Custom designed doors -

Creating and fitting distinctive sliding doors tailored to your vision.

Quick installation

Our team of installers ensures that the job is done correctly the 1st time around while taking care to keep your home clean.

Rest assured that all our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards.

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Don’t tolerate stuck doors or broken components any longer. Our expert repairs will restore your sliding doors to their working order.

We also offer maintenance services to proactively address any problems.


Are you experiencing issues, with your sliding doors operation?

From rollers to tracks and hardware- we have the expertise to fix any type of sliding door repair problem accurately.

Our experienced technicians specialize in troubleshooting and restoring gliding motion to your doors.

Our repair services include:

Rollers; We replace damaged rollers and adjust them for door travel.
Tracks; We realign misaligned tracks and replace any damaged sections.
Locks; We repair or replace broken locks and latches on sliding doors.

When selecting the sliding door, for your home there are a factors to take into account;

  1. Type of Installation; Determine whether you prefer the doors to be installed inside or outside your home.
  2. Space and Configuration; Take measurements of the area. Consider the available wall space. This will help you decide how many panels are needed and how they should be arranged.
  3. Style and Material; Opt for a door that matches your personal style preferences and complements the aesthetic of your home. Consider factors such as material, color, and finish that align with your design vision.
  4. Maintenance and Energy Efficiency; Assess the maintenance requirements associated with materials as well as the energy efficiency of various doors. This will enable you to make a decision based on long-term considerations.
  5. Functionality; Think about how the door will be used and its specific location within your home. Ensure that it meets all your needs in terms of functionality.

By considering these factors when choosing a sliding door, for your home, you can make an informed decision that suits both your requirements and personal taste.

To determine the size of a sliding door you can follow these guidelines;

Width Measurement;

For a sliding glass door start at the point where the door frame meets the exterior of your home. Measure horizontally, from one side to another considering the distance between bricks, siding or stucco.

If you have doors measure their width horizontally since they are paired.

Height Measurement;

To measure the height of a sliding glass door begin from the bottom of the door sill. Measure vertically up to the top of the frame.

For doors measure from the floor, to each doors height.

Depth Measurement;

Measure the width of the jamb without including any trim. This will help determine how deep your door opening should be.

Recording and Verification;

Remember to record all measurements accurately and double-check them for precision before proceeding.

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Sliding Door Installation Service in Dallas Fort worth, TX

It’s crucial to install sliding doors accurately to ensure they operate smoothly for years. Unfortunately, even small mistakes during installation may lead to problems down the line.

Installation pitfalls

At Sliding Door Medics we specialize in sliding door services & we are well aware of the installation pitfalls and take necessary precautions to avoid them.


One common issue we often come across is when doors are not properly aligned. If a door is slightly leaning to one side within the frame it can become difficult to slide open or closed and put strain on the rollers and track.

To prevent misalignments-

our installers use precision tools like levels and squares when attaching the track and hanging the door. This attention to detail during the installation saves you from adjustments later on.

Spacing and leveling

We also pay attention to the spacing and leveling of the track. Uneven or bowed tracks can cause issues with the door. Our team meticulously uses shims to achieve leveling of the track while maintaining spacing for each roller.

This ensures there are no areas, along the track where the door might get stuck.

Adjusting the rollers

Properly adjusting the rollers is another aspect of our installation process. Rollers that are either too tight or too loose can hinder operation. Our skilled technicians carefully adjust each roller for performance ensuring there is no play as you slide open or close your door.
Ensuring that the rollers are properly lubricated is also crucial to maintain movement.

Installing weatherstripping seals

At our company, we specialize in installing weatherstripping and seals, on doors.

Subpar seals can result in air and water leaks whereas professional installation guarantees climate control and prevents moisture damage.

Secure sealing

Our team focuses on alignment and secure sealing during the installation to achieve maximum energy efficiency and weatherproofing.

Sliding doors that operate effortlessly for years

By considering factors such as plumb, alignment, spacing, rollers, and weather seals, throughout the installation process, we deliver sliding doors that operate effortlessly for years while maintaining their integrity.

This meticulous approach helps us prevent any issues from arising.

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keep you door sliding for ever


Keep your sliding doors in condition, with maintenance performed by our experienced technicians. We conduct inspections. Make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

By conducting maintenance we can identify any issues early on and prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Our maintenance service includes:

Routine maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your sliding doors but also enhances security and prevents operational issues.

Adjusting and lubricating rollers for gliding

Ensuring rollers turn freely by adding lubricant and aligning properly.

Tightening screws and fittings, on hardware

Securing loose fasteners throughout system for safety and function.

Checking alignment and integrity of tracks

Confirming track straightness and replacing any damaged sections.

Replacing worn seals to improve insulation

Swapping out degraded seals between panels to enhance energy efficiency.


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