How do you replace a sliding glass door wheel?

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Table of Contents;

1. Introduction
2. Tools and Materials Required
3. Initial. Preparations
4. Removing the Sliding Door
5. Installing the New Wheel
6. Reattaching the Sliding Door
7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Hey, don’t worry, DIY enthusiast! Swapping out a wheel on your sliding glass door isn’t as intimidating as it may appear at glance. With a time the right tools and attention to detail you’ll have that door gliding effortlessly in no time! Lets dive into our step by step guide.

2. Tools and Materials Required;

For this task make sure you have these items handy;

Screwdriver (Check if your door requires Phillips head or flat head screws)
Replacement wheel (Ensure it is the size for your sliding door)
Pry bar
Silicone lubricant

3. Initial Assessment and Preparations

Begin by inspecting your sliding door. Is it. Not moving smoothly? This is often a sign that one (or both) of the wheels need to be replaced. Remember to check both bottom wheels thoroughly. Lucky, for you if its a bottom wheel issue they are generally easier to swap out!

4. Lets start by lifting the door using the handle and testing its movement back and forth. 

In cases if you lift the door on its track and pull it towards you it should come out easily. However if the door seems stuck don’t worry; you can use a pry bar at the bottom to lift it. Just remember to be gentle so that we don’t accidentally break the glass!

Once you have removed the door make sure to prop it up so that it doesn’t fall and break. Now you should be able to see the wheel mechanism at the bottom of the door. Depending on your type of door you may need to unscrew the unit in order to remove the old wheel.

Take your replacement wheel (make sure it’s the size for your door. You can bring along the old wheel for reference) and position it in place of the old one fitting snugly like a glove.

After replacing with a wheel use a screwdriver to secure it properly. Here’s a helpful tip; apply some silicone lubricant on the wheel, for smoother operation.

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