Security Screens For Sliding Patio Doors Plano TX

The average size for a sliding glass door is about 60 to 72 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height

Securing Your Sliding Patio Doors: Enhancing Safety Measures

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Sliding patio doors offer access, to your patio or deck but it’s crucial to ensure their security. To strike a balance between safety and enjoying light and airflow consider adding a security screen.

You do have options for security screens designed specifically for sliding patio doors!

Here are a few types:

  1. Retractable Screens; These screens can be extended when needed and hidden away when not in use. They are typically constructed with mesh or perforated metal to prevent entry. Retractable screens are mounted above the door in a casing.
  2. Built-In Screens; Certain sliding patio doors include built-in screens that seamlessly integrate into the door frame. These screens move along with the door providing security while keeping visibility compared to options.
  3. Add On Screens; Another alternative is obtaining an add-on security screen that can be directly mounted onto your existing sliding patio door. These screens attach to the door frame. Come equipped with locks, for added protection.
comparison between retractable screens and sliding screens for doors
The average size for a sliding glass door is about 60 to 72 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height
The average size for a sliding glass door is about 60 to 72 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height

Enjoying the benefits of light and fresh air

By considering these options you can enhance the security of your sliding patio doors while still enjoying the benefits of light and fresh air.

Adding screens to your patio doors is a cost straightforward solution. 

  • When you’re in the market for security screens, opt for those made from materials like galvanized steel, which can withstand cutting and tampering, and other small hazards. 
  • Look for screens with a mesh that prevents entry. 
  • For an added layer of security choose a screen with a lock feature that allows you to secure it when the patio door is closed. If you prefer flexibility consider screens that can be easily taken down depending on the seas

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Aftercare and regular maintenance are crucial to avoid wear and tear on your patio door rollers. Make sure to keep the track clean, from debris and lubricate both the rollers and track annually or whenever needed. By taking care of your sliding patio doors they will operate smoothly for many years to come.

What is the difference between a retractable screen door and a sliding screen door?

The primary distinctions, between screen doors and sliding screen doors are as follows;


Retractable screens are designed to be mounted above the door opening while sliding screens are installed within the door frame. This makes it easier to add screens to existing doors.


When not in use retractable screens roll up onto a spool whereas sliding screens move horizontally along tracks at the top and bottom of the door frame.


When extended, retractable screens cover the door opening while sliding screens only cover about two-thirds of the opening when closed.


Retractable screens are less noticeable when retracted compared to sliding screens that remain in the door frame at all times.


Sliding screens typically allow access to the door handle/lock so that the main door can be operated without opening the screen. In contrast, retractable screens limit access to the door behind them when extended.


Sliding screens often come with locks for added security purposes. On the other hand, retractable screens rely on their resistance to cutting and punctures for security measures.


Generally speaking, sliding screen doors tend to be more expensive, in terms of both purchase and installation compared to screen kits.To summarize retractable screens offer coverage. Are less noticeable when not, in use whereas sliding screens are built into the door frame itself but provide a smaller coverage area.

The decision, between the two options depends on your requirements and budget.

By installing security screens you create a barrier against break-ins through sliding patio doors.

Ensure that the screen you choose is specifically designed for sliding doors and fits snugly within the door frame when closed and locked. With the security screen, in place you can enjoy your patio doors without compromising on safety.

Sure! security screens can definitely discourage burglars.

They act as a barrier that makes it harder for intruders to enter through doors and windows.
These screens are made of materials, like perforated steel or tight mesh which not only prevent break-ins but also obstruct access to the door lock itself.

By having security screens it sends a message that the home is well protected making it less attractive to criminals looking for easy targets. However, it’s important to note that relying on screens for security might not be sufficient.


You can install door sensors on sliding glass doors.
These sensors are designed to detect any movement when a door or window is opened and then alert the security system accordingly triggering an alarm if necessary.

Slim sensors specifically made

When it comes to sliding doors you’ll find slim sensors specifically made for them that can be mounted along the door frame and have magnets connecting with the moving part of the door to monitor its opening and closure.

When shopping for these sensors keep in mind their size so they won’t interfere with the operation of your sliding doors. Make sure to open and close the door to verify it is easy to slide.

French doors can be made secure with the use of security screen doors.

These doors are made of strong materials such as stainless steel with patented technology, making them reliable for security purposes

Additionally, retractable screen doors are available for French doors, providing insect protection without sacrificing security
Always choose a security screen door specifically designed for French doors to ensure a proper fit and maximum security.

You can find sliding screen doors in widths like 72 inches which are quite common.
However, it’s important to note that their aluminum frame height may vary depending on each door’s dimensions.
When choosing a security screen for your sliding door make sure you carefully measure the height of your door opening to ensure a fit.

Screens that are too short can create gaps that intruders could exploit while screens that are too long can be challenging to install and operate properly.

The average size for a sliding glass door is about 60 to 72 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height,
Home improvement stores like Home Depot offer common door sizes, such as 36 x 80 inches.

We recommended measuring the door frame at least twice to ensure the proper fit!

There are a few materials that are commonly used for security screens:

Stainless Steel Mesh;

It’s a popular option made from marine-grade stainless steel, known for its strength and durability.

Perforated Aluminum;

These screens are made from a sheet of aluminum with holes punched out. They provide an secure barrier.

Powder-Coated Aluminum;

Aluminum frames, especially when coated with a powder finish are durable and frequently used in security screen doors.

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh;

This mesh is renowned for its level of security and aesthetic appeal. It offers both protection and visual value.

Black Powder Coated Expanded Aluminum Mesh;

Stronger than wire window screens this material is commonly utilized in security screens for windows and doors.

These materials have been selected based on their strength, durability, and their ability to provide protection, against intruders.

Yes, you can definitely install retractable screens on sliding patio doors.

Retractable screen kits are designed to be mounted above the sliding door and can be rolled down to cover the opening when needed.
It’s important to choose a screen that matches or slightly exceeds the width of your sliding door, for coverage.
For good results, it is recommended to have a handle on the installation to ensure proper mounting and smooth operation.

To enhance you are protecting your home and the security of your sliding glass doors- there are measures you can take.
Installing security screens utilizing door sensors and incorporating motion sensor lights can provide added protection against burglars and help you gain some peace of mind.

screen doors installed installed properly will increase your home’s level of security

illustration of a decorative perforated metal door
decorative perforated metal door

Reinforcing your doors with high-quality deadbolt locks

Additionally reinforcing your doors with high-quality deadbolt locks and strengthening door frames against kicking attempts will significantly improve security, also- trimming vegetation, around the area will also eliminate hiding spots.

Lastly, consider investing in an alarm system monitored by a security company as it adds another layer of protection and enables police response in case of a break-in.

Screen Door Repair Plano TX

Remember: if you are ever in need of screen door repair or replacement – call us! we’ll get the job done and leave you with a remarkable and clean new screen door!

Maximize the Security of Your Home, with Mesh Security Screens for Sliding Patio Doors

When it comes to protecting your home in Plano, TX from intruders while maintaining its appeal mesh security screens for sliding patio doors provide an exceptional solution.

These screens do not enhance the security of your home.

Also, allow natural light and fresh air to enter your living spaces without sacrificing safety.

Why Opt for Mesh Security Screens?

Mesh security screens serve a purpose; deterring entry and improving the functionality of your patio doors.

Here’s why they are a must-have for homeowners seeking to combine safety with style;

Enhanced Protection;

Our mesh security screens are carefully crafted from materials that resist tampering and forced entry.

The woven mesh makes it incredibly challenging for intruders to breach giving you peace of mind.

Unobstructed Views; Enjoy views of your areas without worrying about potential intruders.

The fine mesh provides visibility.

Allows sunlight ensuring that your home feels open and connected to nature.

Improved Ventilation;

With security screens you can confidently leave your sliding patio doors open for ventilation while maintaining top notch security.

This is particularly advantageous during months as it creates a natural cooling system, for your home.

modern home's sliding patio door equipped with a mesh security screen
modern home's sliding patio door equipped with a mesh security screen

Enhancing the appeal;

Our screens not serve a practical purpose but also add a modern and stylish touch to your patio doors.

They seamlessly blend with any style elevating the look of your home.

Tailored solutions, for every home; We understand that each home in Plano, TX has requirements.

That’s why we provide mesh security screen options that are made to fit your sliding patio door dimensions and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you prefer screens, built-in options, or add on screens our expertise allows us to offer a solution that aligns with your security and lifestyle needs.

Prioritize your home’s security today;

Don’t wait until it’s too late to consider enhancing the security of your sliding patio doors.

Investing in mesh security screens is an approach to improving the safety and comfort of your home.

Get in touch with us today to explore our range of security screen solutions and find the match for your residence, in Plano, TX.

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