Security Screens For Sliding Patio Doors Plano TX

The average size for a sliding glass door is about 60 to 72 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height

Sliding patio doors let in light and air but can pose security risks if not properly protected. Learn techniques like installing high-quality security screens, reinforcing the door frame, using sensors and motion lights, and more to deter burglars from entering through vulnerable sliding glass doors while still enjoying their benefits.

How to Make Your Sliding Door Slide Easier

lubricating window frame details with oil

If lubricating the sliding door’s hardware doesn’t solve the issue, the problem may be misaligned tracks. With the door lifted out, use a level tool to check that the vertical tracks are perfectly straight. Door tracks can get bent from normal use over many years or if force is applied.

Why is my sliding door so hard to open and close

Hands open a sliding door in a hotel room

Sliding doors can sometimes be a bit tricky to open and close due, to factors like dirt on the rollers damaged tracks or a misaligned locking mechanism. If you’re experiencing this problem here are some steps you can try based on research; 1. Clean the Track; A buildup of dirt and debris in the track […]

Can you just replace the glass in sliding door?

Can you just replace the glass in a sliding door?

Replacing the glass in a sliding door is possible without removing the whole door. The process involves measuring the existing glass, having a new pane custom-cut, removing trim pieces and glazing beads, taking out the old glass and installing the new pane. Safety gear and tools like screwdrivers, pry bars, saws, silicone caulk and more are required. Tempered glass is most often used since it’s durable, shatter-resistant and versatile. The strengths of tempered glass include enhanced safety if broken, resilience against impacts and winds, and diverse applications. Key differences between tempered and laminated glass are the breakage patterns, comparative strength and safety benefits, manufacturing methods, and creative applications. With the right tools and safety precautions, the glass in sliding doors can be swapped out while leaving the door in place.

How can I make my sliding door slide easier?

Identifying the issue Firstly it’s crucial to pinpoint where exactly the problem lies. Is your door sticking or completely refusing to slide? Sometimes it could be as simple as a track that needs cleaning or as complex as worn out rollers. Therefore it’s important to investigate and determine the nature of the repairs required. Gathering […]

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